Top 10 Myths about Weight Loss

Everybody wants to shed off unwanted calories and there are always some myths looming around making things all the more difficult for simpletons. Here is a brief look at some of the  most common myths and what they’re about.

Following are the Top 10 Myths about Weight Loss

  1. Get after those Carbs Probably the number one most over-used myth around the world is: to get rid of the carbohydrates in your diet if you need to lose weight. Come on, if you’re really serious about that. How can you miss such an important nutrient in your diet when they are considered the best and the first source of energy to our bodies?
    Carbohydrates are not only the first source of energy, they actually help in burning more fat by fueling up the process. So when you exercise, keep a sandwich with you, to help you burn more body fat.
  2. The more you snack, the more you gain Don’t eat between meals, as our elders used to say, is history. Experts nowadays recommend that you eat small amounts of food multiple times a day instead of eating twice in a bulk amount and starving the rest of the time. When you keep taking small snacks every now and then, it curbs down the desire to eat more and you end up eating less and your cravings for high calorie foods such as cakes and fast food also subside.
  3. Fast Food Is a serious No-No  Okay so it’s a fact that fast food will make you fat. But that does not mean you cannot eat it anymore if you want to lose/ maintain your weight. Do eat, but wisely. Start with a nice, healthy serving of green salad. Choose grilled/baked/boiled over fried foods. Take just one teaspoon of any condiment and if your food has toppings, scrap off as much as you can. Avoid frizzy drinks and take something healthier like fresh juices.
  4. Strength Training builds up muscles More lean muscle means you burn out more calories throughout your day which goes against this myth. So, it’s busted.Do strength training twice a week and you will look thinner, have a more firmer body and be able to lose more calories without doing much throughout your week.
  5. Women have a harder time losing weight than men True to the extent that men have come on to this planet bearing more lean muscle than women. Women also tend to have more body fat naturally. So, it’s not a myth, it’s a fact.
  6. It’s just the Caloric Count that matters Not at all. Foods that are readily digested by the stomach and enzymes in the mouth add to more calories than the foods that need our body to work on real hard for digestion like meat and whole grains. The more your body works for digestion, the more calories it burns.
  7. Consuming fat makes you Fat So what can you do about it? Eat fat-free food? Nope, that wont help. Instead consuming fats that help in burning calories could actually make you healthier instead of putting on weight. Monounsaturated fat or MUFAs are one example.
  8. Don’t eat at night There can be many reasons and many arguments regarding this point, just see keep a check on the quantity of what you’re eating instead of looking out for the time of the day.
  9. The more water you drink, the more pounds you lose If you just keep drinking water and think that it’s a miracle weight loss measure, wake up! You have to drink water and do exercise regularly to ensure a steady weight loss.
  10. Veggies is the Way to go Again, it’s the quantity of food that matters and not the type. Vegetables are healthier but if you think you can eat all that you want and get away with it, you’re wrong big time. You have to be aware of the calories you’re consuming, even if it’s the natural food we’re talking.



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