Yummy Fruit Trifle




30 min


Yummy Fruit Trifle


  • 3 packs of different flavors ‏Jelly
  • 0.5 cup ‏Mango Juice
  • 1.5 cup ‏Mango Custard (thick)
  • Tin ‏Fruit Cocktail
  • ‏Fresh Cream for Garnishing
  • one pound ‏Tea Cake (cut in slices)


  1. Prepare jelly in any one flavor by taking half the required water to make one full pack. This way the jelly sets more nicely. Allow it to cool on room temperature.
  2. Prepare some Mango Custard and leave it for cooling as well. Lay out a layer of tea cake slices in a dish.
  3. Pour mango juice on this layer. Now pour the jelly on top and put it in the freezer for cooling. It will set in few minutes.
  4. Pour out the custard on top. Spread out fruits from the can and make a nice layer. Set it to cool in the freezer and prepare another colored jelly meanwhile.
  5. When the jelly has cooled down but not yet set pour it on top of the custard, keeping it on the sides. It will mix in a bit but put it in the freezer and it will soon set perfectly.
  6. Prepare the last jelly pack and pour it in to moulds of different shapes or you can also cut and place jelly cubes on top of the custard. Garnish with fresh cream.
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