Spaghetti Alla Norma




15 min


25 min


Spaghetti Alla Norma is a tasty spaghetti from sicilian cuisine with a wonderful combination of tomato sauce and egg plants. Its a classic pasta dish from catania, an Italian city and was named after Vincenzo Bellini’s opera, Norma.


  • 4 tablespoons ‏olive oil
  • 500 g ‏egg plants, sliced
  • 500 g ‏tomatoes, chopped
  • 10-12 ‏basil leaves
  • 1/2 teaspoon ‏salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ‏black pepper
  • 4 ‏garlic cloves, chopped
  • 1 cup ‏grated ricotta salata/Mozarella cheese
  • 1/4 teaspoon ‏crushed red chilli
  • 1 ‏onion, chopped


  1. Add oil, onion and garlic in a skillet and cook for 1-2 min or until soft.
  2. Add tomatoes and crushed red chilli. Season with salt and black pepper. Simmer for 5-10 min or until liquid eveporates.
  3. Add the sliced eggplants, cover and cook for 10 more min or until eggplants are tender. Before you turn off the heat add the shredded basil leaves.
  4. Meanwhile place a pot filled with water over high heat. Add 1-2 tablespoons of salt and oil. When starts boiling add spaghetti and stir until all the strands of spaghetti are drenched in water. When the spaghetti is fully cooked , drain it well.
  5. Toss with sauce and cheese over low heat and serve immediately.


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