Banoffee Pie




3 hr


20 min


Claimed to be the yummiest dessert in the world, here, we share with you a wonderful recipe of the mesmerizing Banoffee Pie


  • 100 gm ‏Butter
  • 250 gm ‏Digestive Biscuits

For the Caramel

  • 100 gm ‏Butter
  • 100 gm ‏Brown Sugar
  • 400 gm ‏Condensed Milk


  • 300ml ‏Whipped Cream
  • ‏Grated Chocolate
  • 4 ‏Bananas


  1. Take a 20 cm baking pan that has a loose bottom. Crush the biscuits and mix melted butter in it. Press down this mixture to the bottom of the pan and also along the sides of the pan to make sides of the pie. Refrigerate for ten minutes.
  2. Next prepare the caramel to pour over the pie base. For this, melt butter (100 gm) in a non sticking pan and add sugar. Keep stirring till it is completely dissolved. Now add condensed milk to the pan and boil it while stirring all the time. When it turns golden in color and attains a smooth texture, pour it on top of the biscuits and freeze again.
  3. Take the pie out of the tin when its time to serve. You have to be extra careful while doing this as you dont want your pie crust to crumble down.
  4. Cut banana slices and mix them gently in the whip cream. Pour it on top of the caramel layer. When done, place the remaining banana slices on top, making rounds or whatever way you want to decorate. Garnish with grated chocolate.
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