Reasons Why You Should Not Eat Fast Food

It isn’t a myth that home cooked meals are healthier than fast foods; it has some serious weight behind it. When we can make food at home, why on earth do we have fast food places? Ever thought about it? One major reason could be that its convenient that you dont have to cook or do grocery and yet have a really delicious food at your table. It also takes much less time than other foods, precisely why its called “fast food”!

But before you go out and grab another one of those unhealthy burgers, read the following horrifying facts about fast foods.

IT MAKES YOU FAT: It is obvious that how fast food increases weight and is linked to the condition known as insulin resistance. Eating fast food regularly will make you fat and because of this you are more prone to the dangers of getting diabetes. So, try to avoid fast food and stay active.

IT IS ADDICTIVE: As fast food is the food which has the affinity to attract. In simple words, the more you eat, the more you desire for it. Really, believe this! So, if you eat fast food either regularly or once a week, you may be hooked to it. Take a moment to ponder over your current intake of fast foods.

PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FROM FAST FOOD: As the research is conducted on kids regarding fast food, it is interesting to find that fast food has twice more impact on children than adults. This actually affects their normal growth, thinking and learning capacity, as fast food is not a good food for them. Ads for fast foods run on children’s channels and they get obsessed with it.

FAST FOOD BURGER: The research and the studies on the fast food burger suggest that they contain about 50% of water and the meat ranges from about 2 to 15%. So, one should ask what should be the rest? Well, the rest is chemical fillers and the preservatives used mostly in fast food burgers. So, that’s why burger is not recommended food in the fast food restaurants.

Chicken Nuggets even worse than Burger: Most people like chicken nuggets because of their taste. However, these taste is usually enhanced because of the addition of chemical preservatives. The chemical used in it, namely, TBHQ, which is very dangerous and cause nausea and also dead. When eat such food the feeling of vomiting may occur. It may contain stuff present in silly putty. Moreover, nuggets are also made from the mechanically separated chicken, which is absolutely dangerous for you. It is a mixture which is made from a processed bone and also from the leftover chickens.

HEALTHY FAST FOOD ONLY LOOK HEALTHY: Fast food only looks healthy and in actual it is not. They are producing food according to the demand, but the food is not that healthy as it looks. For instance, if we take an example of Burger king salad, then we can that it contains almost 600 calories and 30 gm of fat in it. It’s worth nearly the quantity of sodium in it. So, avoid the fast food as much as you can.

FAST FOOD RAPIDLY KILLING ANIMALS: Even animals are in danger of it. The fast food is killing the animals quite rapidly. Recent studies suggest that around 9 billion animals were slaughtered in the United States in the year 2012. The food utilized for the fast food and sandwiches. Farm people usually used chemical to grow animals faster. These chemicals have a direct impact on the consumers’ abilities. Whenever an animal catches a disease, antibiotics are used to overcome it and it enables the animal to run rampantly with it. Thus a diseased animal can be slaughtered just like a healthy one.

FAST FOOD DESSERTS & SODAS FILLED WITH SUGAR: Many fast food products, like sodas, desserts, and other products contain high quantity of corn syrup which is pretty fattening and doesnt do much good. So, try to avoid foods that contain corn syrup in them.

At the end, we can surely conclude that the fast food is the most “dangerous food” among all. It does look quite clean and healthy, but in actual it is not and produces hazardous effects in the long term . Therefore, don’t just see the taste of the food, rather shift your focus to the internal effects of it.



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