How to Help a Cold? Home Remedies for Common Cold

Common cold is one of the most frequently occurring disease. It starts with sore throat followed by watery nasal drainage, sneezing, fatigue and cough.

In several parts of the world, it is assumed that cold weather is the reason of this disease. Obviously the name also depicts that. In reality, common cold is caused by a group of viruses. That’s why common cold is a contagious disease and it spreads through contact. You might be wondering that why this disease appears mostly in cold weather. In fact, there are several factors which link cold weather and cold virus.

  • Virus that are responsible for common cold can survive better in non-humid weather which is usually cold weather.
  • Cold weather dries up the nasal lining which makes nasal lining more receptive to the viruses.
  • In cold weather, people stay mostly indoor and in close environment which increases the probability of catching cold.

Its really important to understand different stages of the disease. Better understanding of the underlying process would help you to support your body’s efforts to curb the virus. When virus implants itself in nasal lining, body quickly identifies it and reacts with antigens. Initial response of the body usually fails and body reacts more vigorously. During the process nose produces more fluid which basically increases humidity in your nose to repel the virus. Body allocates most of its resources to fight the virus which makes you feel tired and fatigued.

How can you support your body in this fight against this very common virus? I hope that as of now you might have guessed that hydration and taking proper rest play a key-role in making your life better.

  1. Drink plenty of fluid to keep yourself hydrated. Water keeps the throat moist which reduces cough. Having hot beverages during soar throat gives you temporary relief.
  2. Steam inhalation helps in reducing congestion by loosening mucus and clearing the nasal passage. To inhale steam safely, place your head over a bowl of hot water. Use a towel over your head to concentrate the steam, breathe deeply while keeping your eyes closed. Several off the shelf medicines are available that you can add to water to increase the effectiveness of hot steam. Steam inhalation is not recommended for children because of the safety measures required for the process.
  3. Blowing your nose would allow the nasal passage to remain open. A congested nose is one of the most irritating feeling of common cold. If you have any issues related to nose bleeding, please be careful and make sure that you keep rinsing your nose and keep your nose clean. Blowing more frequently but with less strength might help.
  4. Saline nasal spray or drop contain salt water and are available as over the counter medicine which is safe and easy to use. Saline nasal spray or drops are specially effective with children and infants and they can help reduce the congestion without any side effects.
  5. While the body focuses its energies to cope with the disease, patient feels tired and weak. Under these conditions it’s suggested to take rest and let the energy required for movement available to immune system.
  6. Gargling with salt hot water might help to reduce the sore throat and nasal congestion.
  7. Throat lozenge are small candies which dissolve in mouth while keeping the throat muscles lubricated, which makes the affected person feel better by reducing the soreness in the throat and easing cough temporarily. These lozenges may contain active ingredients that are known for their antiseptic effects.

In conclusion, if you are caught by the virus help your body fight with it and taking the above mentioned measures would definitely make you feel better.



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